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We manufacture manual compact fillers which can fill varieties of liquid as well as paste, hey are easy to clean and change over, food grade and don't need electricity, best option for home made products & small scale industry

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  • Hand operated paste filling machines offered by Machine Mart India (MMI) are very useful machines to fill various kind of paste, creams, ointment, semisolid products like honey, shampoo etc into containers, jars, tubes, bottles etc.
  • This is compact model suitable for small industries having low production and in research, laboratory purpose


  • Rigid MS made painted body, All contact parts are made up of stainless steel.
  • Piston rings are thicker and double rounded for longer life, Teflon made seal is provided to avoid leakage. Machine base is covered with stainless steel sheet which make the machine hygienic & easy to clean.
  • No electricity required.


  • Hopper is filled by the Material/product to be filled.
  • Piston is pumped till material starts coming from nozzle.
  • Volume is set manually by the adjustment screw provided by try and error.
  • Now the container is placed below the filling nozzle and piston is pumped by moving the handle of machine down and up. Material is filled in the container.
  • This complete one cycle of machine.
  • Machine can be dismantled easily for cleaning.


  • Model: 50gm model
  • Hopper size: 5-7 kg depends on material viscosity 
  • Filling range*: 20-50gm (*other range available :40-100gm, 100-300gm or customized to suit your need)
  • Output: 10-20fills per min
  • Overall (LxWxH): 
  • Weight: 


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