Tru Mark manufacture & exports Bottle labeling machine for diffrent style labeling like wrap aorund sticker labeling for round bottle jar, can, front and back labeller for flat or round bottles, neck labeling, spot labeling, L seal labeling, security seal labelling, label dispenser, booklet labeling and many more application. we are capable of producing custom make machine for your need with latest feature by providing well known automation components & international quality

wet glue labeling machine

Tru mark offer wet glue labeling machine which are very cost efficient as it uses paper labels which was precut & fed in machine as a stack, machine smartly picks a single label & glue it & then wrap on containers, wet glue labeller are best suiatble for heavy weight container

sticker labeling machine

The simplest form of labeling machine is the self adhesive labellers, our machine dont need any change parts for multiple size bottles and shape and works fine with almost any material of containers, giving an output speed of 30-90bpm, tru mark sticker labeling machine stand apart for thier performance and robust construction as compared to its peers

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