Our Hand gumming machine is a top gluer, It comes with gluing width 6/12/18/24 inches, with 0.25p motor & optional variable speed drive. Now apply uniform glue to each label cleanly without wastage of glue and time

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·        Gumming machine offered by Machine Mart India (MMI) are very useful machines to Paper Industries and other industries to apply gum on one side of paper

·         For making stickers, binding purpose, manual labeling of paper labels on bottles, jars etc


  • Suitable for gumming labels & wrappers of any EVEN OR UNEVEN shape.
  • A most easy operating machine which makes hand labelling clean and neat.
  • Labels feeding & picking is done by hand.
  • Gum layer can be controlled as desired.
  • Uniform coating of gum
  • Any free flowing Gum can be used.
  • Easy to operate & easy to maintain & portable model
  • Two way layer controller arrangement for better accuracy all over in 18”+ model
  • paper lifter are provided to lift the paper after gluing & pick it up easily by hand
  • Gumming pot can be dismantled for cleaning.
  • SS304 grade covered base and belt guard
  • All contact parts will be either in SS or brass & powder coated
  • Also Available in Roller length: 12",18”, 24”.


  • Paper is fed one by one by hand to continuously running machine.
  • The rotating roller is in contact with glue tank hence a layer os glue is formed over it, this layer can be controlled by the layer controller mechanism given
  • As soon as the paper is fed, its picked by roller hence glue is applied on one side of the paper, then the paper is lifted up by paper lifters (also called as POINTER or FINGERS). Finally the glued paper can be picked by hand easily
  • This whole process is continuous & takes very less time.



  • Roller size: 6inch
  • Effective gumming area: width :5.5inch , length: unlimited*
  • Drive Motor: 0.25 H.P., 230 v., 1440 R.P.M., 1 Phase.
  • Weight :
  • dimension: 

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